SpookyGhost r60

Welcome to a new development update of SpookyGhost, your free procedural animation tool for sprites!

Since the first open-source version, there have been some small changes: I have added some new features and bug fixes that I hope you will appreciate.


  • [NEW] Parallel groups can now loop, just like any other animation type
  • [NEW] There is now an image preview tooltip for textures and sprites
  • [NEW] You can use a quick load and save functionality
  • [NEW] Before the program quits it will show a confirmation modal window
  • [FIX] Animation groups should now work as expected when they contain disabled animations
  • [FIX] All animations inside a sequential group have their loop mode automatically set to disabled
  • [FIX] Children of cloned animation groups have now their parent correctly set
  • [FIX] Overriding the sprite of an animation group now works with property animations
  • [FIX] The sprite order in the sprites window is now reversed to match the rendering layer order
  • [FIX] The Lua grid deformation scripts should now work when stacked together

YouTube Coverage

There have been a couple of interesting YouTube videos about SpookyGhost lately:


spookyghost-windows.zip 2 MB
Version 2021.06.r60-add0491 Jun 06, 2021
spookyghost-osx.zip 4 MB
Version 2021.06.r60-add0491 Jun 06, 2021
spookyghost-linux.zip 2 MB
Version 2021.06.r60-add0491 Jun 06, 2021
android-arm64-v8a-release.apk 5 MB
Version 2021.06.r60-add0491 Jun 06, 2021

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