A downloadable Game Engine for Windows and macOS

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nCine is a cross-platform 2D game engine that runs on Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and Emscripten. Have a look at the gallery and read more about its features on the website.

The project has been in active development since June 2011.

Source code is  released under the MIT license and available on GitHub.


nCine-2020.05-Win64-VS2019.exe 7 MB
nCine-2020.05-Win64-VS2019.zip 13 MB
nCine-2020.05-Win64-VS2017.exe 7 MB
nCine-2020.05-Win64-VS2017.zip 13 MB
nCine-2020.05-Darwin.dmg 12 MB

Install instructions

For more information have a look at the download section and at video tutorials.

Development log


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por favor você poderia nos explicar como instalar?, o software parece ser bom porém instalou varios arquivos no meu windows más não existe o editor, grato.

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For more information have a look at the wiki.

The framework does not feature any editor, you need to code your game in C++ or Lua.

desculpe, este não é para mim